3 Steps DIY Red Lip Creamy Soup


3 Steps DIY Red Lip Creamy Soup

In autumn and winter, the weather is dry. Many women ‘s lips and throats feel “thirsty”. Lin Lin called me to chat last night, and her hoarse voice came from the receiver. Sure enough, she started without saying a few words.”Please ask me for help”: “It’s November. The ghost weather is still so hot. Last weekend, I went to the countryside for a holiday. I didn’t expect to come back and my throat was dumb, and my lips began to turn white. In a few days, I wantHow can I make up at a fashion party?

Hannah, do you have any good suggestions?

“She was very anxious.

  While comforting her softly, I carefully recalled my grandmother’s secret recipe.

When I was young, whenever I heard my voice mute, cough from time to time, when I pressed and tore my lips, my grandmother would stop me with heartache and immediately cook for me.

When I finished drinking, I felt comfortable all over, with a rosy mouth and bright voice.

Lin Lin heard this secret recipe and was excited. She will try it tomorrow.

I can help others, and I take the trouble to tell her the specific steps on the phone-Materials: 5 fungus, 4 figs, 5 almonds, 3 almonds, 1 ginger, 2 quail
  Stepone: The fungus is soaked in water, the fig is cut open, the almonds are peeled, and the ginger is peeled.

  Step 2: After the water is boiled, remove all the ingredients.

After the water boils again, simmer on medium heat for two hours.

  Stepthree: Serve in a bowl, put some salt, drink soup, and eat soup residue.

  Hannah Xiaoding: This soup can moisturize, nourish the spleen, relieve spleen, and relieve phlegm.

Suitable for a family size on a dry day.