Pig heart is also a kind of medicine

Pig heart is also a kind of medicine

Pig heart, the name of traditional Chinese medicine, is the heart of pigs of the genus Porcine.

After slaughter, remove the heart by laparotomy, wash fresh or refrigerate.

  Fresh pig heart, myocardium is red or light red, adults are milky white or reddish, myocardium is strong and elastic, no odor.

Deteriorated pig heart, the heart muscle is reddish brown, the aunt is slightly green and smells, the heart muscle is inelastic, and the tissue is soft.

The upper part of the heart has nodules, lumps, irregular colors, spots or villous envelope adhesions on the outside of the heart.

  Efficacy and role of pig heart1, a good supplement for myocardial nutrition. Pig heart has a great effect on strengthening myocardial nutrition and enhancing myocardial contractility.

  2, soothing sleep, soothing and calming the pig’s heart, the effect of nourishing the heart and nourishing blood is also very prominent, and it has better therapeutic effect on the insomnia of startle, and you can drink soup with western cabbage.

  Pig heart’s medicinal value1, post-partum stroke, terrible blood, worry about Qi Qi: One pig heart, cut, boiled in simmered juice, and mixed with five flavors.

  2. For those who suffer from guilty guts and sweat: do not sleep with a pig heart, use blood to break open, use ginseng, angelica each two or two, transfer to the pig’s heart and cook, go to the second medicine, stop eating pig heart.

  3, cure phlegm into the heart, go crazy: a pig heart (not water, sliced, crispy, ground), Gansui two money, Shichangpu money and a half.

For the end, use Fritillaria decoction to make pills.

Every morning, two or two pig iron will be dropped, and the decoction will be delivered;

  4, cure depression and blood vomiting: a pig heart, bamboo cut open, do not make mixed, the weight of agarwood, seven pinellia, into the seam, wrapped in paper, dipped in urine, so that wet, cookedTake it out and go to Pinellia and eat only pig heart.

  Dosage of pig heart Oral administration: cooked, moderate amount; or into pills.

  The nutritional value of pig heart Pig heart is a tonic food, which is a very nutritious food.

It contains protein, trace amounts, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin c, and niacin, which have a great effect on strengthening myocardial nutrition and strengthening myocardial contractility.

Often used for abnormal harassment.

With the application of the medicine for relieving phlegm, the effect is obvious.

  Pork heart eating method 1, pig heart usually has a strange smell, if not handled properly, the taste will be greatly reduced.

After buying the pork heart, immediately “roll” it in a small amount of flour, leave it for about 1 hour, and then wash it with water. The pork heart cooked in this way is pure and delicious.

  2. It is best to use chili, onion, ginger and other condiments when cooking pig blood, and change the flavor, and it is not advisable to use pig blood to cook alone.

  How to store pig’s heart Fresh pig’s heart should not be stored for a long time. It is best to eat 1-2 times. If you need to keep it, you can wash the pig’s heart and cut it into slices, shreds or pieces.Mix well, wrap it in cling film into small packages, and store it in the freezer and freezer. When using it, you can take the pig’s heart according to the requirements of the recipe, and it can be distilled and replaced after thawing naturally.

  Pig heart hypertension and hypercholesterolemia are not eaten; Evodia.