Mental stress easily makes men weak

Mental stress easily makes men weak

Lack of Friendship in the Shopping Mall Manager Mr. Liu, a 44-year-old manager of a big shopping mall, is a manager of a big shopping mall. However, he often calls himself “a person without any close friends” at the dinner table.

He said that dealings with “friends” in the business field are just for the benefit, and subordinates are even less likely to be confidants. He never wants to say a few more words to others. “I think we have to finish our own business.If you do well, you have to maintain a relationship without any emotion.

In Mr. Liu’s view, humanity is no longer tolerated in a fiercely competitive environment, and there will be vigilance between people.

  ”His heart is always closed.

“Everyone around him said so, including his wife.

  Due to years of accumulation, Mr. Liu, who lacked friendship support, became irritable, lonely, and jealous. As a result, a small business setback completely defeated Mr. Liu’s spirit. Later, he locked himself in the room all day.No one was seen and nothing was done, and he was eventually sent to a mental health centre for treatment.

  Men are “weak” in many ways. In fact, men are not as strong as we think they are.

Compared with females, males have reduced immunity, poor endurance, and weak vitality.

According to a World Health Organization survey, men’s life expectancy is 6 years shorter than that of women!

And even without considering life expectancy, the quality of life of men is usually lower than that of women.

  In some genetic diseases, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, diabetes, liver diseases, etc., the prevalence of men is higher, and the incidence of men is double that of women. At the same time, since the 1960s, he died of the prostateThe number of people also increased by 17%, but it can be contrasted, but it is the weak awareness of male health in the whole society.

  Everyone knows that the growth and development of the body requires a lot of nutrients, such as protein, trace amounts, sugar, inorganic salts, vitamins, and water. In fact, psychological “nutrition” is also very important. If it is seriously lacking, it will affect mental health.

  Experts believe that the most important spiritual “nutrient” is love.

Childhood is mainly parental love. Childhood is a key period for cultivating mental health. If you do not get adequate and correct parental love at this stage, it will affect the development of mental health throughout life. Many adults have psychological disorders.Related to childhood parenthood.

The love of partners and teachers was increased in adolescence, especially the love of couples and couples in youth.

Middle-aged people have great social responsibilities. The love of colleagues, relatives, and children is very important. Some of them redouble their confidence and motivation in their careers, making life full of joy and warmth.

  Of course, venting and channeling is also an important “nutrient.”

Whether it is to avoid or prevent self-consolation, you can only temporarily recover the psychological contradiction and find the apparent psychological balance. The only cure is the target. Moderate catharsis has a permanent effect, so when you are depressed, you can play football.Smear the mood on the court; tell your loved ones and friends when something goes wrong, and tell your unhappiness.

  Goodwill and strategic criticism are also important spiritual “nutrients”.

If a person does not get the right criticism for a long time, he will inevitably grow proud and complacent, which is also a manifestation of unhealthy psychological development.

In general, you should be more close to people who have knowledge, virtue, and trust, so that it is easier to obtain this healthy “nutrient.”

  In addition, strong beliefs and ideals, generous tolerance, etc. are also important spiritual “nutrients”.

The key to maintaining mental health is to learn to self-adjust, be good at controlling personal emotions, and take the initiative to supplement healthy mental nutrients for yourself.