Work with O’Neal to build strength and build muscles

Work with O’Neal to build strength and build muscles

“I’m old now,” O’Neal said, putting away his usual playful expression, “I must do everything carefully, and when I was young, I even played a few overnights and drink beerI will still have beautiful 6-pack abs after waking up, but now I will never have such capital again. I have to work hard to take good care of my body every day, and you know, when you get olderWhen you come, your metabolism will slow down and everything will become difficult. I must keep fighting my body or it will fight me.

“After hell’s special training to the Heat, O’Neal took his” 24-Hour Fitness Club “in Los Angeles to Miami, which is a well-known national chain fitness center in the United States.Executive officer Mark Mastrov is a friend of O’Neal, and O’Neill has been one of the company’s major shareholders since 2001.

  After leaving Los Angeles, O’Neal found his favorite gym. The fitness industry in Miami is not as developed as he thought. The size of the fitness equipment here is quite small compared to the size of O’Neal, so that he can’t reach him at allThe ideal fitness effect, so he can only wrong himself in the Miami Heat training room.

But O’Neill will not relax his fitness plan. Every morning he still comes to the Heat’s training hall to exercise on time. The next time belongs to his wife and 5 children. In the evening, he will come here to exercise again.
  During this time, O’Neal must be among a group of sweaty men, breathing the severe odors that are mixed in the air and mixed with various body odors, which makes our Mr. Shaq unbearable, because he has always beenIt is used to training in a separate gym with its own personal trainer, but the relatively simple equipment of the thermal team can not provide such conditions.

Mastrolov knows that his good friend is in trouble now, and he can use his expertise to help him and help him win the favor of the Miami people who have always been picky-otherwise walking on the beach,You can’t hide the excess meat on your stomach.

  Under the full planning of Matroslov, he and O’Neill opened 5 fitness centers in Miami called 24 Hour Fitness Shaq Sport Club.It’s a large-scale fitness equipment, bathroom, dressing room and TV set tailored for him. O’Neill starts here every morning with his new personal trainer Ryan Oliver in a pile of fitness equipment.Day of life.

  After breakfast at 9 am, O’Neal drove for about half an hour to the “24-hour Shaq Sports Club” in downtown Miami. He was greeted on time by his good partner-the expressionless Ryan Oliver and YiFrost piled, silent training equipment, after saying hello to O’Neal, Oliver will begin to “torture” O’Neal for 4 hours.

  Shaq’s day training for the iron arm will start with the exercises of the arm muscles. O’Neill will use some lighter dumbbells to warm up. Then he will use the telescopic weights to do 5 sets of barbell arms curls to exerciseHe had broken biceps in his upper arm. One group had to do it 10 times. The weight of each group kept increasing, ranging from 135 pounds (about 62 kg) to 165 pounds (about 75 kg).

In the fifth group, Oliver will give O’Neal the biggest weight, which is a 165-pound barbell. O’Neill often completes the 50th movement in painful shouts, but everything is just the beginning.