Where to find the perfect lover?

Where to find the perfect lover?

Health Times special expert Liu Xiaozheng Case: A Huang and Xiao Li are a newly married couple. In Xiao Li’s eyes, A Huang is the best man in the world and the most powerful man.

However, after the passage of time, A Huang gradually showed some weaknesses in the marriage, and was not so strong. In this category, A Huang expected Xiaoli to take care of herself when she was ill, and hoped that when she encountered unpleasant things at work,Xiaoli can understand herself.

But Xiaoli thinks, why did Ai Huang who she admired become weak and she likes to complain?

Xiaoli hopes that A Huang will always be the omnipotent prince in her heart, just like when in love.

  Analysis: Xiaoli’s request to A Huang is actually a perfectionist and idealistic expectation.

Xiaoli’s love for A-huang is conditional. Only when A-huang can meet Xiao-li’s expectations in all aspects can Xiao-li love A-a.

A Huang will desperately meet Xiaoli’s various wishes when she is in love, but when the marriage comes and the distance is close, A Huang cannot always be so nervous, and some of his weaknesses are also manifested — men without weaknessesIt is not found in real life.

A man who can always protect her without paying for her is also a fantasy of her love and marriage.

  Many girls have an illusion of being loved during adolescence.

At this time, the girl ‘s concept of love is still immature, and she has not yet had a stable view of love and marriage as an adult, so the white horse princes whom they fantasize about often appear admired, and some girls will feel more like fantasyThe lover’s man feels good and even falls into unrequited love.

However, this fantasy will become a girl who grows up and is gradually replaced by men in real life. Girls will gradually evolve from falling in love with their fantasy characters to falling in love with a male suitable for themselves in real life and getting married.

But Xiaoli hasn’t completed this transformation, and she hasn’t acknowledged that love is a matter of two people and needs to be paid by herself, instead of expecting a perfect prince to give her perfect love, but she has nothing to do, she just needs to be loved.

Xiaoli needs to grow up gradually and fall into real life from falling in love with a fantasy lover. Only in this way can her marriage be happy.