[How to make Luzhou tofu rice cake soup]_ soybean curd _ how to make

[How to make Luzhou tofu rice cake soup]_ soybean curd _ how to make

Tofu rice cake, also known as Luzhou fried rice cake, is a famous traditional snack in Luzhou, Zhejiang.

Belonging to New Year’s food.

As its name implies, soup mochi with tofu as an accessory has been circulating in the people for a long time.

Originated in Luzhou, Luzhou Tofu Rice Cake is the most authentic, full of color and fragrance, and then spread through Luzhou.

Ingredients: Luzhou special rice cake, special pickles, lean meat, bamboo shoots, garlic, eggs, tofu (preferably tender tofu).

The ratio of the amount of rice cakes to all other spices and ingredients is 1: 1. The appropriate procedure is to cut the Luzhou special rice cakes into small strips (the thickness should be the size of chopsticks).

Cut the special pickles to 1 cm long, cut the bamboo shoots into pieces that are about the length of the rice cake, and beat the eggs evenly.

Cut the garlic into the length of the pickles, shred the lean meat, and marinate with cooking wine (accustomed, or not marinated); Step 2: Put the beaten egg into a pan and spread it into an egg cake., The most important thing is to be thin, then cut the pan into pieces, the length and the length of the rice cake is appropriate; the third step: put the rice cake in a frying pan and stir-fry until the rice cake is soft, slightly yellow, out of the pot for use;Step 4: Put the shredded bamboo shoots in a frying pan. Stir-fry the bamboo shoots with a little more oil. Add the sautéed vegetables and stir fry. After the acidic flavor of the sautéed vegetables comes out, turn off the heat and then justStir the vegetables to the bottom of the pot, add the rice cakes that have just been cooked, and pour in boiling water (the rice cakes are not over the water). After the fire is boiled, turn to medium heat and slowly simmer.

(Put the vegetables on the bottom of the pot and put the rice cake on top so that the rice cake does not stick during the cooking process); Step 5: Slowly cook for a short period of time, put the garlic stems, and put the tofu on the rice cake.Lean shredded pork, and then slowly make the feed; Step 6: When the soup is thickened, put garlic leaves and shredded eggs, and then use a spatula to turn evenly; Step 7: Thickness of the soupAccording to personal taste, thicken it for a while, then put a little MSG, turn off the heat and cook.

The eighth step: a bowl of fragrant tofu rice cake is ready; note 1: the tofu rice cake does not need to add too much salt and soy sauce, because the pickles are more salty and colored.

tip2: One method is to add the shredded egg to the rice cakes in the bowl after it is cooked. This method is for the sake of good looks in the restaurant. If we make it at home, we only need to step 6 with garlic.Adding Ye together is OK.

tip3: The better way to spread egg cakes is to touch the oil in the pan, but don’t use too much oil.

First heat the oil pan over high heat, pour the eggs over low heat, then quickly fill the oil pan, then turn on medium heat and slowly solidify the eggs.

Pay attention to heat evenly!